PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp

PublicaMundi is an FP7 project with the aim to democratize open geospatial data publishing and reuse, making easier for data publishers to share and for developers to discover and reuse data. And to accomplish this goal, we need your help!

The PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp is an invitational event focused on developers and data publishers:

  • Developers. Please join us if you develop web/mobile applications with open geospatial data. We will present you early versions of our tools, open data APIs and mapping framework. You will be able to experiment, learn, and give us your honest feedback and insights.

  • Data Publishers. If you work in the public sector and are involved in open data publishing, come and see how we will make your work easier. We will train you in open geospatial data publishing, and guide you in publishing your own data.

As seats are limited, we are looking for committed participants, willing to spend quality time with the PublicaMundi team! If you are interested, please register below. We will notify you by 15thof May, with the final schedule and venue details.

Remember to bring your own laptop – we will take care of the coffee! Also, if you are a data publisher, why don’t you bring your own data!

PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp is organized under the premises of INNOVATHENS, the Cluster of Innovation and Entrepreneurship established by the City of Athens.