2nd PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp in Athens

Several months passed since the first PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp where both developers and data publishers were present to get informed about the scope of the PublicaMundi project and the technologies designed in its context. The participants also tried the developed functionality […]

European Commission embraces the Big Data revolution!

PublicaMundi, being a research project working to make big open geospatial data easier to share, discover, and reuse, is really excited for the European Commission’s (EC) first official strategy to promote the data-driven economy in the EU! In July 2014, […]

Impressions from the Athens GeoDataCamp

The first PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp took place this Friday 30th May 2014 in Athens, right in the heart of our growing innovation and open community, InnovAthens. The IMIS team, along with our colleagues from GET and rasdaman welcomed all participants, wondered […]

FOSS project PublicaMundi convenes at FOSS4G-Europe

EU funded project PublicaMundi has set out to enhance CKAN, the well known, widely used data catalogue, with advanced geospatial capabilities. Several leading FOSS geospatial tools and libraries are extended and integrated in CKAN, slowly making open geospatial data first-class […]